JP Turner is an independent brokerage that provides investment banking and advisory services. Some of our broker dealers are:

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Our number one priority is you.

JP Turner Independent Brokerage Firm

J.P. Turner is an independent brokerage and investment banking firm that offers an array of investment products and services. Advisory and financial planning services are offered through our affiliate company J.P. Turner & Company Capital Management, LLC. Whether you are saving for your child's education, investing in your retirement or looking for alternative investment opportunities, our representatives will provide the information, insight and expertise you need to achieve your goals. Tens of thousands of investors rely on the knowledge, experience and integrity of J.P. Turner. Find out what being number one feels like. At J.P. Turner our number one priority is you.

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We are seeking progressive, success-oriented registered representatives to join our firm. If you're considering a change of broker-dealers, give us a call.


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We believe investors should make informed investment decisions. Visit our Client Information section to learn more.